PTC Cross Cut Saw

PTC Cross Cut Saw

Tosmach PTC Cross Cut Saws designed to cut Aluminium,PVC & Wooden Profiles on requested lengths and quantities.

When PTC Cross Cut Saws synchronized with TOStop Digital Positioners, all you need to do to get required quantities and sized pieces to program the controller and get back.

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  • PTC Cross Cut Saws can be built with Q 400/500/550/600mm Saw blades 
  • 2,2/4/7,5 kW Cutting motors with belt drive
  • Cutting operations at 90°
  • The valve safety key and double-hand operating principle to avoid any accident.
  • Vertical and horizontal pneumatical clamps
  • Dust extraction unit
  • 3 meter  conveyors on right and left sides
  • Safety locking switches on top guard and front doors
  • Adjustable saw blade feeding speed
  • Hydro-pneumatical Cutting Feed
  • Coolant
  •  TOStop Digital Positioners (LS or PG Models)
  • Basic+ or ProPos Controllers
  • Additional converyors 3mt+

Rigid 90° cutting with vertical and horizontal clamping

Highly Technic designed cutting unit to cut repositioning profiles perfectly with solid clamping, no matter what the material is.

aluminium saw
HydroPneumatic Cutting Feed + Coolant

HydroPneumatic Cutting Feed + Coolant

Your assistant to cut precise,clean and rigid heavy industrial profiles on your PTC Cross Cut Saw.



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PTC Cross Cut Saw


PTC Cross Cut Saw

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