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Our Aluminium Profile Cutting Machine models has designed to provide efficient and precise cuts, and easy to operate and maintain. Tosmach, aims to combine craftsmanship, experience and technology to offer highly efficent and sustainable solutions for the needs of global aluminium profile cutting machines.  Tosmach also offer competitive pricing for their machines without compromising on quality or customer service.

double head aluminium cutting machine

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Meeting of high quality components and experienced craftsmanship to built problem free, long last operating machines.


We are confident in our mechanical abilities and machines. We offer 2 Years warranty on mechanical parts

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As a serious and highly dedicated manufacturer, we are always prepared to deliver your orders on promised timing.


As we greatly know service is a big matter as quality on machinery, our highly educated staff is ready to cover service issues rapidly.

We produce for the world

We are at 28 countries and still growing. With Tosmach Aluminium Cutting Machines, you can ensure that your business has the cutting-edge technology needed to produce high-quality products efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tosmach Aluminium Profile Cutting Machine Catalog 2024

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