Automatic Aluminium Cutting Machine - Tosmach AC

Automatic Aluminium Cutting Machine – AC550

The Tosmach AC Series Automatic Aluminium Cutting Machine is an advanced piece of equipment specifically engineered to cut aluminium profiles with high precision. It is uniquely designed to make cuts at a 90° angle, ensuring accuracy and consistency in each cut. This machine is an ideal solution for industries that require precise and repeated cuts in aluminium profiles, such as in the construction, automotive, or aerospace sectors.

With its automatic functioning, the Tosmach AC Series streamlines the cutting process, significantly reducing manual labor and the potential for errors. The machine’s robust construction and cutting-edge technology ensure longevity and consistent performance, even in high-volume production environments. Additionally, its user-friendly interface allows operators to easily set the required number of cuts, making it a versatile tool for various project sizes.

Moreover, the machine’s safety features are top-notch, ensuring the protection of operators at all times. Its compact design also makes it an excellent fit for workshops and factories where space is at a premium. Overall, the Tosmach AC Series Automatic Aluminium Cutting Machine is a reliable, efficient, and precise tool that significantly enhances the productivity and quality of aluminium cutting tasks.

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  • 500/550/600mm  Saw Blade
  • 90° cutting
  • PLC Control System with Touchscreen
  • Automatic Cutting Mode
  • Ability create cutting List
  • Servo Motorised Precise and fast positioning positioning system
  • Pneumatically Seperating table for perfect cuts
  • No:3 Vertical No:3 Horizontal Pneumatical Clamps
  • 3mt Roller Conveyor
  • HydroPneumatic Cutting Feed
  • Adjustable Cutting Speed
  • Infinite Cutting Length
  • Remote Control System
aluminium cutting machine automatic

Perfect Cuts

Pneumatical Seperating table offers perfect cuts without cut marks and burrs.

Higher Precision & Ability

PLC Controlled Touchscreen servo motorised positioning system offers user friendly usage via creating cutting list beside the highest precision.

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Automatic Aluminium Cutting Machine – AC550

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