double head aluminium cutting machine

Pneumatical adjustment for 45/90 degrees.

Manual adjustment for intermediate degrees.

No.4 horizontal and No.2 vertical Pneumatical Clamps

HydroPneumatic cutting feed.

Coolant Spray.

Servo Motorized X Axis movement on CNC machined robust frame.

Aluminum Double Head Cutting Saw – Tosmach A550

The Tosmach A550 Automatic Double Head Aluminium Cutting Saw, meticulously engineered for cutting wider and highly precise aluminum and PVC profiles, stands out with its robust Q550mm saw blades. This state-of-the-art machine features advanced technology that ensures accurate and clean cuts, tailored for demanding industrial applications. The design incorporates high-quality components that guarantee durability and reliability, making it an essential tool for professionals seeking precision in their work with aluminum and PVC materials. Its user-friendly interface and automatic functionality make it a convenient and efficient choice for a wide range of cutting tasks.

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  • Q550mm Saw Blades
  • Pneumatical adjustment for 45/90 degrees
  • Manual adjustment for intermediate degrees
  • No.4 horizontal and No.2 vertical Pneumatical Clamps
  • X axis Movement on Linear Guideways
  • CNC Machined Robust Frame
  • 1000mm Long Support Arm
  • Digital Position Control
  • 4000mm Cutting Length
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • CE Norms
  • Slicing mode
  • HydroPneumatic Cutting Feed
  • Coolant
  • Servo Motorised Position Control
  • Barcode printer
  • 5300mm+ Cutting Length
  • Chip conveyor
  • PC based controller
Hydro pneumatic cutting feed

HydroPneumatic Cutting Feed

The innovative design of this machine combines both hydraulic and pneumatic power, utilizing high-precision techniques in the saw blade carriage to deliver perfect cuts, particularly at corners.

The hydraulic power provides the robust force needed for cutting through tough materials, while the pneumatic system adds a level of finesse, ensuring smooth and precise movements of the blade. This dual-power approach, coupled with advanced saw blade carriage technology, results in exceptionally accurate corner cuts, setting a new standard in cutting precision and efficiency.

Servo Motorized X Axis Traverse

Thanks to the CNC Machined robust frame and Servo motorized X Axis traverse, precision meets your cuts in an unparalleled manner. The machine’s sophisticated design, which integrates a CNC Machined frame, ensures exceptional stability and strength, allowing for meticulous accuracy in every cut. Additionally, the Servo motorized X Axis traverse offers superior control and precision, enabling the machine to handle complex cutting tasks with ease.

Servo motorized x axis
2.2 kW x 3 50/60Hz
400V AC 3P PE
3000 RPM/M
D:550mm d:30/32 mm.
6/8 Bar
W: 2000 L: 6210 H: 1930 (mm)
1450 kg
Aluminum Double Head Cutting Saw cutting diagram


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Aluminum Double Head Cutting Saw - Tosmach A550


Aluminum Double Head Cutting Saw – Tosmach A550

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